Saturday was the day we were all hoping for but yet dreading at the same time. It was the day we had to say goodbye to all of our new and old friends and also the day we could go back to sleeping in an air conditioned room. It was a very bittersweet day indeed. The day began with everyone packing up all of their belongings and heading to the last worship service. The worship was very entertaining and some might even say it was quite lit. As it was the last day I decided to go all out during energizers. The message being told and love that was spread during the service felt infectious. After the service was over we headed outside. I realized I had lost my hat and was quite sad, for I had only had it for two weeks. Putting that aside and not letting that ruin my day we started walking back to the busses. Once we got on the bus. We all were ready to leave. The bus ride was quite a bit more eventful as a lot of us were more comfortable with each  other now. It was a bus ride full of magic, memes, movies and make shift pen tattoos. We stopped at the worlds largest truck stop. We only had a half hour so we didn't quite get to see all of the wonderful attractions there. We all talked together (at least those of us at the back of the bus) about our lives and school and we all connected. This made it harder to say goodbye at the very end. At the last leg of the bus ride from about midnight to two in the morning, everyone was thoroughly exhausted. By the time we got back to the church where some stayed the night and others headed home, everyone was tired and sad to have to leave our friends. I said my goodbyes. Gathered my stuff and headed home to my comfortable air conditioned room with a soft bed and sheets. It was hard to believe that the week of walking and talking was over. I was sad when that realization hit me. I hope I can have the opportunity to go back in three years and I can't wait until this years youth rally where I can meet with the South Dakota group once more. I give all of my sincerest thanks to Kristie for getting all of the South Dakota group together and organizing our time there. I also give thanks to all of the leaders that came along for the wild Ride that was Triennium. Thank you all so much.



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