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Sex--It's Complicated.

We don't want it to be. We want it to be a simple yes or no answer. We want clear lines. We want boundaries.

But we also was the answer to align with what we want. We want to blur lines for our own happiness. We want to cross boundaries because it feels good.

Until it doesn't feel good.

Until it doesn't make us happy.

Until we find out that it wasn't what we wanted at all.

One of the most influential books for my life, When God Writes Your Love Story," but Eric and Leslie Ludy, opened my eyes to something I had never considered when it came to sex. In a chapter that Leslie writes, she says:

"Maybe you have learned the hard lesson that casually giving yourself away physically causes incredible pain--you feel guilty, dirty and used afterwards. But have you ever though of your HEART as a treasure every bit as valuable as your physical purity?"

Growing up in a small Lutheran Vs. Catholic town, I learned quickly and at a young age that sex was bad. Period. An…

Psalm 139 from the mind of a Senior in HS

What a brilliant young mind! Enjoy this video and be sure to take a look at the scripture for yourself as well :)