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Saturday was the day we were all hoping for but yet dreading at the same time. It was the day we had to say goodbye to all of our new and old friends and also the day we could go back to sleeping in an air conditioned room. It was a very bittersweet day indeed. The day began with everyone packing up all of their belongings and heading to the last worship service. The worship was very entertaining and some might even say it was quite lit. As it was the last day I decided to go all out during energizers. The message being told and love that was spread during the service felt infectious. After the service was over we headed outside. I realized I had lost my hat and was quite sad, for I had only had it for two weeks. Putting that aside and not letting that ruin my day we started walking back to the busses. Once we got on the bus. We all were ready to leave. The bus ride was quite a bit more eventful as a lot of us were more comfortable with each  other now. It was a bus ride full of magi…


Today was the last full day of triennium... my experience here was not life changing at all. I didn't feel the connections that others felt here and throughout the week I had figured out why. Triennium is a good idea, but I feel like thats all it is. It's just too big to grow spiritually in your faith. It was fun, but I wished It could have been more centered around Christ.


Today was the hottest day so far. Air conditioning is something I will never take for granted ever again. Also, Purdue has a very large campus. I got lost twice yesterday, but today I did not get lost once. Tomorrow is our last day and I can't help but feel sad to leave all the friends that I've made and all the ones I have reconnected with. Since I graduated this year, this is my last trip as a youth at our church and I am going to miss praising God with all of my friends. Worship today was one of the best services I have attended on a trip like this. The preacher was so passionate about the sermon you couldn't help but get excited with her. My favortie part about the sermon had to of been when she told us that God is F.U.N. F is for forgiving, U is for understanding and N is for never too busy. Can't wait to see what tomorrow looks like, hopefully cooler. Keep in touch.
Taylor Sudenga

Tuesday 7/19 - the Getting to know to no you game

So far today I have reached Indiana!!!!! Also I have met people with crab hats from Maryland, Danced with people from Texas, and traded pins with everyone. The trading of pins is one of the best ways to interact with so many people. The also had lawn games some that didn't involve physical activity such as making things out of old t-shirts. I ended up making a doll with my friends. While the doll it self may be insigificant it is the memories of this day that acompany it that make it great. For that doll represents the diffrent people we have met. I am so stoked to finely worship tonight. ~ today's reporter, Fay Justice

Monday 7/18. The bus ride up

We left the church at around 9:30 at night. The bus ride started off with me criticizing Jake while he showed us all of his magic card and coin tricks. Now, before we took off I had decided to take some motion sickness medicine that made me incredibly drowsy but that was not going to stop me from staying up late! Just kidding, I passed out within the first half hour of the ride. We made a pit stop around  midnight to restock on snacks and use the "facilities". So while I slept the majority of the ride, the other students told me about their interesting bus adventures.. Taylor was sitting next to an open window most of the way there before she decided to jump over the seat and fall. Fay played with her pipe cleaners and made awesome shapes and animals. Jake was jamming out to his playlist in betweens naps and card tricks. Derek just got no sleep period.. And John? Well I'm not quite sure.. At around 5:30 a.m. we stopped at another travel center to stretch our legs and wak…