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Necessary Evils: Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate is not necessarily under appreciated--we all know who he was and what role he played in the bible. He was the governor who sent Jesus to be crucified...right?

I think Pilate gets the short end of the stick in his story--he get's such a bad rep as the guy who sent Jesus to the cross. he let Jesus Barabbas, a real criminal go, and let the Jews kill the Son of Man. But how much of that was his idea? The story that is told in John, at first glance is the same story as in every other Gospel. But a closer look shows us that he wanted to let Jesus go; he found no basis on which he could charge Jesus. He knew that he had done nothing wrong, and in fact, he knew who Jesus really was and feared what would happen to him if he let Jesus be crucified.

Despite knowing who he was dealing with, he was forced to let them crucify Jesus. The crowds didn't leave much room for discussion--they were all chanting "Crucify, Crucify," and "we want Barabbas!" On top of …

Lady Wisdom: the woman who wasn't and always was

Wisdom is a key factor in following Christ. I have always known this, I mean, you hear it all the time. "Be wise." "Use your head." "This is going to take a great deal of wisdom and discernment." And it got me thinking: how highly does God consider wisdom? so I did a search, and this is what I found:

The word 'wise' is used in the Bible 189 timesThe word 'wisdom' is used in the Bible 219 timesThere are 50 Proverbs about wisdom in the book of Proverbs. and there are 54 Proverbs about righteousness (which you can't have without wisdom and wisdom can't be without) in the book of Proverbs.  Then I looked up wisdom in my all too ginormous old testament Dictionary ( Of only wisdom, poetry, and writings, not the rest of the old testament) and I found 74 pages on the word wisdom and Woman/Lady Wisdom. IN A DICTIONARY. 
It is safe to say that wisdom is an important part of believing in and following our Lord and Savior. 
Lady Wisdom is actua…
JethroA Voice for God to Speak ThroughFirst, a story--

Once upon a time, a man by the name of Moses, ran from Egypt because he did a bad thing because he was sick of the worse bad things and also his was an accident. He found his way to Midian where he saved some daughters of the Priest, Jethro. Jethro was so pleased that he gave his daughter Zepporah (who Moses was totally crushing on) to him as a wife. Moses obviously agreed and for a while, also took care of Jethro's sheep. You know all about the burning bush so I'll skip ahead. Moses wanted to up and leave with Zepporah (who, according to the Prince of Egypt version, insisted on going rather than was unwillingly drug along) to go back to Egypt because, he "wants to see if his family is still alive." ALIVE!! And Jethro LET THEM GO! 'In peace' even. Oh sure--take my daughter to a horrible place where everyone is a starving slave and they kill first born sons, no problem!

So yeah, it's pretty clear from …

Liability and Medical Request Forms

Hey all!

In order to join us for anything fun (i.e. retreats, missions trips, and the like) you need to have this form filled out! So Please do that, whether you are planning on going to anything fun soon or not. By January 13, 2016 would be the most ideal situation for everyone. 
Here is where to go to fill out the form: 
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