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The Game Plan

Hey Everybody!

Sorry It's been so long but I'm very excited to give you a sneak peek at what we are talking about this week! We are starting our series on Resurrection and let me tell you, this is huge.

I don't know what you've ever been taught about Resurrection, and seriously, I would like to know. I grew up ELCA Lutheran and this wasn't ever covered. EVER. Yes, I knew that Jesus was resurrected on the Third day and that was super great because he got to live forever with Jesus--but this was only taught during Easter and to be honest I was more concerned with where the Easter Bunny was going to hide my basket and how good the egg bake was going to be that Sunday--as you can tell I was a child of much depth. I also remember once hearing the Pastor of my church mention something about the 'second coming' which sounded pretty cool but I was more interested in where Jesus would land and who would get to talk to him. Additionally, I was under the impression t…