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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Can also be the most outrageous time of year. It can be the kind of cold that actually makes you angry, and everyone is all germy and sick, and running around like chickens with their heads cut off because shopping and presents and meals and parties!

Last week I missed the PresbYouth Christmas Party because I was the kind of sick where you would very much like an induced coma until your body is back to normal instead of some DayQuil and cough drops. I completely lost my voice and it hurt to even swallow water and I was freezing and exhausted and I am super dramatic and being a psychology major makes you a hypochondriac so I was surely dying of some sort of disease.

I cried about missing the Christmas party. I wanted to go Caroling and tie blankets for the homeless and see my presbyouth babies before the holidays swallow them up and don't spit that back out until January 11th.

But it's not a Kingdom Problem (PATent pending).

The Party happened without me and I'm sure it was…

Service Project Night



The Lord is so good and gracious and amazing to us, so this week the PresbYouth did its best to walk like Jesus. We helped to make over 200 Birthday-in-a-Bags for the Family Visitation Center, here in Sioux Falls.

The FVC is such an amazing organization that help families to reconnect or stay connected through difficult situations. They provide so many services that quite literally save families and we are so honored to have worked for them this week.

One of the very cool things FVC does is provide a Birthday Party for every child they serve! Since these children only get to see their noncustodial parent within the walls of the facility, FCV makes sure each child gets to celebrate their birth with that parent. So they provide a bag full of Birthday Party Supplies in order to do that. About a year ago they asked for donations and were so abundantly blessed that they had no room to store all of the bags! They had to break down the bags and store…