The More of God

This past week and this coming Wednesday, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear from two powerful women of God, Correena Spangler and Jess Sharp. These women are doing such crazy spiritual things I couldn't help but have them share with the students of FPC.

Jess spoke to the High School group while Correena spoke to the Middle School group last week and they will swap groups this week. Jess spoke deeply and personally about "the more of God" while Correena enlightened students on the ability to see and cast out demons.

Since I sat in with the High Schoolers last week, I think I'll share what Jess had to say about her walk with Christ. Jess grew up in a little Minnesota town as a very athletic and successful young lady. She was raised Lutheran and followed her brother to Augustana when she graduated. She said that she "grew up knowing a lot about God but not having any sort of relationship with the Lord." Boy did that change. She went on to tell us about how she grew closer and closer to God and was able to experience "the more of God," in many avenues such as in Africa where her eyes were healed, in Prayer ministry downtown where she had the opportunity to heal many hurting people in Sioux Falls, and in Seminary where she attained her counseling degree. God later set her up with her now husband, Justin, who only took her on five dates before proposing!. She told us that God had "impressed on my heart that he had a husband for her but I had to wait until we both had the change to grow deeper in our faith. When it does happen, Jess, it's going to happen fast." With only five dates, fairly close together, I'd say he was right on the money! Jess and Justin were not supposed to be able to have children but it was foretold by 3 different people in one week that she was carrying twins!

Jess showed us that there is always more from God and that he wants us to seek that 'more' from him. God is so much bigger than all of us and he has such awesome plans that we just need to be ready for and open to! What a wonderful faith journey to share with us!

I am so excited to hear what Correena has to share with the High School students tomorrow! The Middle Schoolers were pretty excited about Correena speaking with them and I've heard such good things!

Be sure to ask your student or a student you know what they thought of these women and their great power through Christ next time you get the chance!

Blessing from the Youth Room,



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