Demons are Real and We have Authority

Hey y'all,

Show of hands, how many of you panicked just a smidge when you read the title of this post? As a former Lutheran/Methodist/engaged to a Catholic/attending a baptist school/working at--member of a Presbyterian Church, I hear ya.

Isn't it funny that we tend to just accept this crazy idea that we read scripture about people, not just Jesus, CASTING OUT DEMONS, but then close the Bible and say "that's nice," but as soon as someone talks about this type of Spiritual Warfare going on in present day we shut down because "that doesn't really happen."

I have an update for you: yes it does. The author of Luke and Acts didn't close the book and put down their pen or piece of flint or feather or whatever and God said "good thing that's over," and stop giving people the authority to cast demons out. And he sure as heck did not say, "Okay demons, you can go home now."

They are here. The Devil still comes to Steal, Kill, and Destroy. We are still at war. And this is what Correena Spangler talked about last week with the high school students. She described her gift, her challenges, her abilities, and her knowledge of everything Spiritual Warfare and the students had a lot to ask her. we had great conversation and learned a lot. When Correena finished I asked her what she would like us to leave the youth room knowing. Her response: "demons are real and we have authority."

How powerful is that?! We have authority. We don't have to accept the stealing, killing, and destroying the devil and his army of demons are here to do. We don't have to play dead or let them walk all over us. God gave us authority in Jesus name and we can overcome evil because of it!

I know some of you parents are a little worried about the fact that I brought a "demon slayer" (Correena is not a demon slayer, just so we are clear) to speak to your kids. And I know that the typical mentality of the Church is to say, "don't talk about it, you'll make it worse." But that's so far from the truth! God has given us authority over evil in Jesus name because we need it. That's powerful knowledge to have.

As someone who has experienced a little bit of every denomination, I know it's scary to talk about demons. But it's more scary to not know about it.

I hope that this blog post is enlightening, not threatening or offensive. I pray that we all have the courage to talk about these Crazy Spirituality things with our friends and family and Savior. I pray that you all have faith that your students are learning important things during this series. And pray that we can talk about it!

Have a great week everybody!



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