The only thing cooler than digging into The Word and uncovering something you hadn't know before, if watching a teenager do it.

If you didn't join us for Youth Group last night, you missed out!

We started our series on Emotions and looked at Philippians 4:6-7. This scripture talks about Anxiety and how we shouldn't worry about anything. Instead, we should pray it out and God will give us peace. The catch phrase of the night quickly became "put prayer in-get peace out!"

We studied The Word a little differently than we had before. Last night, and for the rest of the series, we looked at scripture by 'manuscripting." What that means is we broke it down into tiny chunks, asked what words meant in the original Greek, asked questions, looked at other texts that related to this particular idea, took notes, and highlighted everything that stuck out. This method of study is such a blast and I am so excited we took the time to do it because we learned some pretty great things!

Thought a lot about the ways the worry kind of sucks up all of our life and how God doesn't want us to worry. Even still, He knows we will and that's okay! He's got the magic potion to fix it--Peace. And not just any peace, but HIS peace! The stuff that he is! Our God is the God of Peace and he shares himself with us as long as we ask Him. What an incredible thought!

Last night, couldn't have gone better and I pray that next week follows suit!

Everyone is welcome at Youth Group for the next three weeks and that means ALL AGES! I hope you will prayerfully consider joining us :)

Love and peace form the youth room,



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