My Church

Last week, we were able to talk about what Church is and what it looks like for us. 

I shared with my high school students that when I think of Church, I think of Mentos. My Grandma and I had an understanding that if I was well behaved during church up until the sermon, she would give me a Mento. Now, let's be honest, Mentos are probably the least exciting candy known to man, and I only got one. Truly, I was being jipped. But it was the highlight of church for me and it worked really well because sitting in the pew, making my Mento last as long as it possibly could, I found and got to know Jesus. 

Then the students shared what they think of when they think of the word Church. I got everything from, "a body of people worshiping God together, to circle donuts and the kiddy bags full of toys. Whatever it is that makes you think of Church, I pray that you find Jesus in that memory. 

This week in the Presbyouth rooms, we are creating our own Churches. We have talked about what we love about church and we have talked about what we don't love about church. Now, it's time for students to look at what they've said and create their own ideal churches. Of course, we are going to get some silly answers, and some unrealistic answers. But these students have real thoughts about what Church should be and I pray that a great deal of child-like, faithful wisdom comes from this exercise. 

I'm so excited to see what these bright and life-giving students come up with this Wednesday. I pray that it will stir up conversation between students and parents and other congregation members. After all, we all have opinions about our great church and the best thing about church is that we are all in this together. Wouldn't it be wonderful to talk about it?

I hope to see you Wednesday night at worship (6:15 in the Chapel). 



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