RAK Sunday Successes

Hey everybody! 
If you were able to take part in the fun this past Sunday, Thank you for making the day an absolute success! If you weren't able to make it, We missed you terribly!
The youth were a well oiled machine at 9:30 in the morning, setting tables, making signs, preparing the food--they did just an awesome job! I received a lovely compliment this morning highlighting how truly wonderful these kids are: "The kids were so great on Sunday! They were so courteous and kind and looked like they were having fun, too! We felt bad when we didn't need more coffee or juice because they were such great servers!" 
I am so proud of all of these students' hard work and determination to make this event as great as possible! 
We had over 225 pancake eaters and over 80 people out participating in Random Acts of Kindness! We did NOT anticipate such a great crowd and are excited to see how many will attend next year!
Below are some photos of the event: Some of the kids setting up, and some of the pictures that were submitted from the groups doing their RAKs! 
The Envelopes!
 A few Middle School girls, work hard to make some posters!
 Check out this well-oiled, table setting machine!

 Taking Donations
 Noah dresses for coffee pouring success!
 There are so many people!

 Our pancake chefs and their families rest after serving 225+ people
 Tristan and Fay's RAK was to stay and help clean up!
We had 10 people helping clean up that syrup covered kitchen!
 Some stayed at the church for their RAK,
 Others donated food and treats to the Humane Society!
The Horrs and Hruby's made 40 care packages for college students!
And Linda Kelly stuck bible verses and encouraging notes into all kinds of books at Barnes & Noble!

So many more RAKs happened on Sunday and the Presbyouth and I really appreciate everyone's support and participation! If you have pictures of your Random Act of Kindness, be sure to email them or share them on the FPC Facebook Page!

I hope you enjoyed RAK Sunday as much as we did and are as excited as we are to Share Christ's love and service with others!

Peace from the Youth Room,


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