The Game Plan

Hey Everybody!

Sorry It's been so long but I'm very excited to give you a sneak peek at what we are talking about this week! We are starting our series on Resurrection and let me tell you, this is huge.

I don't know what you've ever been taught about Resurrection, and seriously, I would like to know. I grew up ELCA Lutheran and this wasn't ever covered. EVER. Yes, I knew that Jesus was resurrected on the Third day and that was super great because he got to live forever with Jesus--but this was only taught during Easter and to be honest I was more concerned with where the Easter Bunny was going to hide my basket and how good the egg bake was going to be that Sunday--as you can tell I was a child of much depth. I also remember once hearing the Pastor of my church mention something about the 'second coming' which sounded pretty cool but I was more interested in where Jesus would land and who would get to talk to him. Additionally, I was under the impression that he would leave again and we would go about our lives.

It wasn't until my Introduction to Christian Thought class in COLLEGE that I had really heard about the Resurrection and the New Heaven and New Earth, and let me tell you, it knocked my socks off! Who knew that Heaven wasn't the end? Who knew that the next time Jesus showed up, he would be taking us to this perfect new world and he would be judging the living and the dead. And then it occurred to me that the Lord's Prayer wasn't just a bunch of whoey that we all say just for because. I was sitting in class with all of these lights going off and I was making all sorts of connections--and then I was mad. What didn't someone tell me sooner--I would have taken my faith so much more seriously. I wouldn't be so ticked off at God all the time. I wouldn't be so afraid of death and the grave. I would live my whole life drastically differently than I do! This was crap. Do they let just anyone be pastors and teachers? For goodness sake!

I did eventually cool my jets, but I am still just as on fire for the way God planned things! Jesus wasn't some plan B, his death wasn't a last resort! He knew this was the plan all along! And the coolest part? This Resurrection thing is all over the Old Testament! Places like the Psalms and Isiah and Ecclesiastes are covered in these great clues that this unbelievable thing was going to happen! I say clues and not references because they seem to be golden nuggets of truth that are so easily overlooked--I mean really, the Pharisees, Sadducees, and other religious leaders wanted nothing to do with Jesus--If they had picked up on the Old Testament 'clues' I would like to think they would be more welcoming. Even the Disciples, the people who trusted and befriended and FOLLOWED Jesus would have never dreamed they would see Jesus die on a cross let alone rise from the grave!

This week, we are going to shine some light onto those clues and see what we can learn. Yes, hindsight's twenty-twenty, but 2,000 years later, we still seem to over look these clues.

Are there any clues you have been taught about from the Old Testament?? Did you have a very blind view of Resurrection like mine, or did you have teachers who shared this greatness with you? Share them with your families and in the comments below!

prayers from the youth room,



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