Knock Knock

As we are preparing for Ash Wednesday- The kickoff of all things Lenten, and I hear Pastor Nathan speaking about taking our faith more seriously, I'm reminded of a metaphor I read in When God Writes Your Love Story. Now before you check out because "gross, she's going to talk about love," don't because I'm not going to. Yet. This metaphor is about our relationship with God, not our future partner. It goes something like this:

Imagine that you're the captain of a ship and this God guy shows up and says that he would like to be your captain, and initially, you really like this God and allow him the main deck and the helm, but quickly run downstairs and lock up all of the rooms. You need to keep some control of the ship, after all, it's yours! 

Soon after locking the door, you here a knock at the door. It's God, asking to let him in. But this is one of your rooms. Maybe it's your relationship room, maybe it's your pride room, maybe it's your hobby room. Whatever the room may be, God wants you to invite him in. 

I think that we all have a lot of rooms. I would have my scholar room: decorated in Purple and Gray and full of Psychology and Theology books and all of the papers I've written and grades I've received. I would have a friendship room will all kinds of pictures and memories of times I've spent with my friends. I would have my divorced parents room where I keep all of my fear of heartbreak, resentment, and all of the other negative emotions I like to pretend don't exist. I'd have an art room where I could keep all of my drawings and paintings. And the list goes on and on. But how many of those rooms do I leave the door open for God? 

That's what we are going to talk about after the Ash Wednesday service. All kids, middle and high school are welcome to be there until 9:00. For those whose family will not be attending the service, we will be sitting together!

Until then, think about your rooms. What is in them? Who do you let in? God?

Peace to you,


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