Welcome, Welcome!

The Youth Group at First Presbyterian Church appeared to be struggling in the department of communication, so here we are: fixing that! 

Here on the Presbyouth blog, you will find all of the information you could possibly need. From schedules, to book, song and movie suggestions, to discussion posts, and more, everything you need to know about the churches youth is right here! 

Here's the thing: before now, the only form of communication we have had is via text and phone call. And while texting is a wonderful tool of communication, texting six group messages to teenagers you aren't even sure want to be getting the information is kind of like corralling cats. And calling and talking to middle school students every week is like nailing jello to the wall, silly and ineffective. Either someone doesn't want to be in the group message anymore so they are constantly being asked to be removed (which you can't do. I've tried), or this middle school student doesn't have a phone, or this one doesn't get the group texts. And then of course, you have parents who want to be informed and those who don't, which is fine except no one knows which parents are which and it's really all just a big mess and most people miss the party because they didn't know. Thus, the blog. 

I hope this can ease the stress of knowing and not knowing and being informed and not. I hope this blog helps bridge the gap between leader and parent and student. I hope that you find this tool as helpful as I intend it to be. And I hope that this blog provides an entrance to open communication, and a shared understanding of one another that helps to grow everyone's faith in an exciting way. 

I'm new at this, so grant me grace.

Peace to you,



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